Art for others

Last night I had the pleasure of delivering a piece that I had been commissioned to do for a couple I know well. They wanted a canvas with the lyrics to Led Zeppelin’s “Ten Years Gone” written on it. Their living room is a monochromatic white so the painting had to be very light and airy but filled with text. I had never really listened to that song before, but now, I feel like I know it quite intimately. I do believe I could name that tune in one note! What a feeling to be able to be a part of someone else’s vision for their life and home. I hope they enjoy it for the rest of their lives!



New Show is Up

I have some new work up with a group show at the Mount Vernon Marketplace. I stayed with acrylic for this series. I was really feeling spring when I got the call from Katia Baskina from The Escape Artists about an exhibit she was curating with Artists Compound.

Here’s what you can see in person:


So i last posted 154 days ago. It’s obvious i have no discipline to write. But, i have been making sure that i get in the studio to make some art. I’ve discovered the world of encaustic painting. Though right now i’m working with paraffin and fusing the layers. Here’s a sample of what i’ve been up to:


I’m really loving this process and when i finish one piece, i can’t wait to start the next.