If Only Sitting Were a Good Hobby

Most of my hobbies include sitting. With flowers blooming and sun shining and the winter coats closer to the closet for their extended stay, it is definitely time to make that commitment to my spring/summer/fall hobbies. No more sitting and crocheting (okay, i didn’t do that much of that this winter), sitting and researching my genealogy, sitting and working on art, sitting and blogging (okay, so i slacked there too), sitting and eating, sitting and working, sitting and sitting. If only sitting were a good hobby.

It’s time to push. To feed the body in order to feed the soul. Join me. We can commiserate together. …Ugh.


Catching Up (image heavy)

What a creative title for this post!

Sometimes we just have to be okay with the mundane.

And besides, it’s the complete truth. I’m going to do my best at updating you on what i’ve been up to since Labor Day.

September 2014 found me volunteering at the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. It’s a lovely old clock tower with a fascinating history. If you’re ever in Baltimore, go tour it. But go when it’s not too hot or too cold, the building isn’t equipped with central air or heat.

Also, I started the Baltimore ATC Collaborative with a few co-workers. Here is a few examples of our last couple months… they are a great exercise in trying something new.

ATCs_group_Feb ATCs_group_march

In October, i started an art journal. Something i should be doing every day. The journal came about by not wanting to throw out a cute old pocket calendar of my daughters. It was from 2012 and i’ve held onto it (as all good hoarding artist’s should) so now it’s being repurposed.  On the second spread, i made use of a silo i had cut from an artwork i had done for a co-worker of her dog Millie. Since this photo, it has been completed.


here’s a couple details of other spreads…

23_journalpage Journal_a beautiful progress Journal_encaustic

In November, my husband and i went to see one of my favorite local bands, Sweet Leda. They were at the Cat’s Eye Pub in Fells Point, so we just HAD to go. And i got myself a tshirt. Albeit, too small, but, still….


December found me looking at that darn Pinterest! My office has a million coffee filters from before we had single packets. I put a few to good use on this wreath for inside the kitchen door.


and this snowflake


I also joined the hashtag project #drawingdecember where anyone could make a ‘drawing a day’ and post it. I found it very cathartic. I used it has an opportunity to just do quick drawings of unplanned things…

drawingdecember_preg lady drawingdecember_foot drawingdecember_fish drawingdecember_teeth drawingdecember_pigdrawingdecember_cloudperson

I also finished a drawing for a friend, here’s a detail:


And I didn’t think i’d get them done, but I made our Christmas Cards! (thanks to my gelliplate)

Christmas cards_2014

January had me staying inside and making more stuff:

craft day_keys craft day_magazine holder

February was freezing cold. Perfect weather to stay inside and work in the studio. I felt like i had something to say one day… So i made a few mixed media pieces.

Mixed Media_Anguish selfportrait


The end of February, one of our 3 cats passed away. RIP Dhari. He was 15 and was spoiled.


March has been just as cold, even snowing on the First Day of Spring. I have been doing quick faces in a few small sketchbooks. Once i got the eyes, nose and lips i wanted… they just flow from there. They seem silly, but they kinda remove some cobwebs from my thoughts.


To round out the middle of March, I also remembered to make my sisters birthday card …and mail it. Not the best photo, but it is watercolor and tissue paper to simulate a 3d effect. She likes the beach.

during and after pics:


And now look at me, posting in my journal.

I hope to post more often, i’m just one of those who’s not sure what to say or how to say it exactly. If you got to the end, thanks for sticking around.

Now, go make things!

Elusive Happiness

These days i spend most of my time trying to keep my mind busy …or dosed with a night time sleep aid. The reality i’ve made for myself is crushing my hopes for the future. I find myself being of little comfort to those needing consolation. Or even able to play along with those who are already happy. I don’t want to be the “whoa-is-me” person bringing everyone down, and yet…

I’m retreating to my studio to make stuff. To get out the sadness in order to find the happiness. It’s there somewhere.

I’ll end this post with 2 images of recent prints i made on that newfangled Gelli plate.
Both gifts. Both made me briefly happy.




Snowed in.

Tired of this winter, but not really sure I’d feel any different if it were Spring. 

 I put my hair in braided pigtails and proceeded to do all of the dishes while the hubby shoveled the walkway and cleared his car. I’ve been kinda moping around trying to pinpoint what i want to do. I feel guilty not writing in this journal, so, it wins. Also i’m half-watching the Olympics. The competition where the competitors ski then stop and shoot while trying to calm their rapid breathing. Always reminds me of a Bond movie. …Like these people are secretly training for CIA sharpshooter careers. 

Nap time. (Wherein i hope i wake up in a more productive mood.) 



Blanketed Inclination

My feet are cold to the bone. My boots decided that 5 years was a good enough run and they’d like to retire now. My gym shoes (i was raised in Indiana, i say gym shoes) are due to be replaced, as evidenced by the amount of wet that gets through to my socks.

The snow is beautiful though. If i were so inclined, it’s the kind of night where i could sit outside under the aluminum awning and listen to the big flakes softly slam into the metal. …if i were so inclined.