One Night ONLY! Baltimore Fashion Renaissance Soirée at the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower in Baltimore

I’m working once again with Stacey Stube, Fashion Designer and Founder of Elsa Fitzgerald fashion line and creative, Frank Delaney. This time we are joined by Rick from Break the Silhouette and videographer/photographer Pat Bourque.

Stacey’s working with her traditional lace, but in a very untraditional way. It’s like what Betsy Johnson would wear to meet Jay Gatsby. Fun and edgy and very deconstructed. She’s showing the process of a dream.

Frank is diligently working on a piece that will promote the genius of Claire McCardell. Claire’s work spoke to Frank with it’s graphic lines and rule breaking.

Rick’s work is complex in thought. His surreal landscapes of the mind are a perfect fit for merging the shows 4 distinct layers: Fashion, Art, History and Time.

I wasn’t there for the filming of the art film by Pat Bourque with a local bellydancer. Think Edward Scissorhands meets Steampunk meets Fashion meets a clock tower. The footage I saw looks pretty compelling. I can’t wait to see the entire thing that night.

My work has incorporated pieces from Stacey’s dresses, and helps to pay homage to the past but also nodding to Rick’s layers of thought spinning us into the future.

If you’re in Baltimore, come check out the show on Sept. 29 6-8pm.

If nothing else, we’ll talk art and process — all while you sip a little wine.

Hope to see you there.

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