Art and Theme

Thanks to the new show last night, i’ve been prompted to update this blog. Accountability is an amazing motivator.

The last few shows at the Escape Artist’s Gallery had a theme. The first theme i took part in was “Bloom.” I was excited because I love themes. But when it came time to get in the studio and create I found that i worked differently than the way i usually work. I knew i joined this artist group because i wanted to push myself to try new techniques. But what i couldn’t understand was why i was trying so hard. So hard that the work that i had been doing previously was very different looking. I was excited and nervous. Excited because i had tried a new technique, nervous because i thought, what if people like this technique better than my work using my preferred technique? What if this sells and i feel i have to continue doing art this way? …The work didn’t sell. (seen in previous post, but here it is again: “Irish Beauty”, 8″x 8″)

Irish Beauty

On to show 2. Science Fiction/Fantasy theme.
Now i had the opportunity to stick to my style.
I did not stick to it beyond the first layer.
The first piece, “Infinite Pull”, 14″w x 11″h was an experimental melting piece.

Infinite Pull

The results were exciting in that i love controlled chance. But i didn’t feel like it represented me as an artist …or did it? Frustrated yet elated, i tried again.

I worked on 2 pieces simultaneously, i was happy how they were turning out, even though i had not applied any collage pieces or translucent layers as i normally would. They called out for smoothness, as the first did. Here is “Moltron”, 6″w x 8″h  (named as if i had discovered a planet)


and “Pon Farr, 6″w x 8″h (because my husband kept thinking it looked like Spock’s aura during the reproduction process.)

Pon Farr

The third piece was a 3″x 3″ made in an attempt to pull the pieces together. I wasn’t going to show it but I became enamored and i felt it put the other pieces in their proper context in the universe. It sold! (Thank you to the buyer!)

Lonely Alien

On to show 3. All or Nothing. The theme with no boundaries/no theme.
The show’s opening reception was last night. I had walked from my office near Pratt Street to the gallery in Mount Vernon. It was a needed walk, i had not managed to go to the gym yesterday so the mile i walked had made me feel less guilty. I showed up around 8:30 to a good amount of people in the gallery. I made my way around the space and took in all of the artwork. I submitted 2 pieces. “Crow’s Nest” 12″w x 9″h. This piece started with an acrylic paint base, then i layered in the 3 and the thread, and continued to use a heat gun to separate the acrylic paint to create thread-like strands. It ended up looking like items a crow would take to it’s nest.


I also submitted a piece i had started a while ago but finished this past weekend. “You’re One of My Kind” 14″ w x 11″h, encaustic on wood panel. This piece again started with drawing with an ink pen on the wood panel and fusing/layering the wax with acrylic paint, dictionary pieces, sewing pattern tissue, and oil paint/wax

You're One of My Kind


The theme of “no theme” brought me back to the process i enjoy. Though, i do realize all of the pieces came from within me, so they each must be considered “my style.” I feel like i’ve learned to just accept the process. No matter the style. To not fear the random thoughts of integration …or omission.


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